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What’s Your Tax View?

“The Right Tax Guy” in Corona Del Mar, California.
– Jeffrey Barth, CPA.

Let’s face it, most tax professional can do a fine job recording your financial history — what happened last year. ¬†However, they aren’t always providing the proactive tax advice you need to really reduce your tax liability.

Sometimes, just filing your tax return isn’t enough — sometimes you need a plan to pay less in taxes.

Jeffrey Barth is a proactive tax adviser who can deliver a tax plan, that is court-tested and IRS approved, to save you money every year.

If you are an investor, small business owner, or other high income individual you need a tax professional who can help you create an individualized strategy to minimize your tax bill and reduce your audit risk.  When you are ready to save on your taxes call us at (949) 706-7070

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